How do I schedule a free estimate?

Scheduling an estimate is easy! Call Arete Pro Painting at 1­-888-­318­-8552 and let us know what type of project you have. One of our managers will come to meet you at your earliest convenience. Recommendations, the scope of the project, and price are normally given in written form immediately at the time of the estimate.

Should I work with a professional painting company or a local painter?

Always work with with the pros! Professional painting companies use top quality paints, hire top quality painters, are fully insured, and offer a written guarantee. With Arete Pro Painting, you pay for excellence.

How does your guarantee work?

Arete Pro Painting offers a written two and three year guarantee for paint and labor. If there is any problem with your project, simply give us a call and we will rectify any problem free of charge. Per industry standards, most horizontal surfaces (where water sits) is excluded from our warranty. A customer may also upgrade to a two-­year written guarantee with the selection of the second coat option provided at the estimate. The purpose of having a guarantee is to not use it, so we strive to make the project perfect the first time.

Are you insured?

Arete Pro Painting carries full insurance and worker’s compensation for our painters. No worries!

What surface prep work is performed?

Arete Pro Painting takes pride in making sure all prep work is done correctly so that no corners are cut. Prep work includes: Power Washing, Scraping, Sanding, Caulking, Taping, Drop Clothing, and Priming all areas that are anything short of perfect prior to work. Here at Arete, we know that painting is only 10% of the job.

What do you do to keep the property clean?

Arete Pro Painting uses drop cloths, tape, and edgers to make sure that only the selected painting area gets painted. Our aim is to add value to the property from the second we start working until the second we finish so that you can rest assured knowing that value will last for years to come.

Are your new painters trained?

All of Arete Pro Painters’s internal painters must complete our Certified Painter Training Program. This program includes 50 points of performance. Our performance standards are normally much higher than those of our customers. Our painters must prove they have what it takes before they receive the opportunity to work on your project.

How long will my project take?

Most projects take between 1­-3 days. Your Arete Pro Painting manger will give you a better representation of the scope of the project at the time of the estimate. All of our projects are subject to weather conditions. For example, if there is a rainy day that prevents us from working, or if it is too cold, etc. it would set the project back subject to weather.

How many painters should I expect to show up to my house?

Most Arete Pro Painting crews consist of 2­-4 painters.

Do I need to be home while the work is done?

Nope! You can be confident that Arete Pro Painting will take care of the project while you are at work, on vacation, etc. The exception is any interior work or project that require any other special circumstances for work completion.

What kind of paint do you use?

Arete Pro Painting will only use the Top Quality Products on your project. We have teamed up with the leading paint supplier in the industry, Sherwin Williams, to get great pricing on their products so that we can pass those savings onto you!

What safety precautions are taken?

Arete Pro Painting follows all OSHA and EPA safety regulations to keep our painters safe. Internal safety meetings and field inspections are conducted on a regular basis.

How do you ensure quality?

Our customers ensure quality. Arete Pro Painting will not collect final payment until you are 100% satisfied with our performance.

Do you have references?

Yes! Our Arete Pro Painting founders have 12+ years of industry experience and have thousands of satisfied customers. Ask for references at your estimate.

Who do I talk to if I have any questions after the start of the project?

All Arete Pro Painting crews have an on site production manager at all times. Questions relating to the job can be directed to the production manager. If there are further questions about the estimate or anything specific, these questions should be directed to the Branch Manager.

Do I keep any leftover paint for future touch ups?

Yes. Arete Pro Painting will leave any tinted paint with you.

What is the Customer Relations Process?

Arete Pro Painting has created a 5 step process for performance unity on all of our projects.The Customer Relation Process is our internal way of making sure exceptional communication and quality is carried out by our team. The project will be done correctly to meet and EXCEED your expectations!